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  • Promote your product thru videos
  • Easy to incorporate hyperlinks in messages
  • Faster and user-friendly
  • Hassel free
  • Send more text & images
  • Costs you almost nothing
  • Customer relationship
  • Brand Positioning
  • Increase Sales and Brand exposure
  • New Revenue Source for your business
  • Unlimited number of character in your text

Few points to note for Whatsapp Marketing

Our Bulk WhatApp message service allows you to send unlimited WhatsApp based marketing messages in different formats such as text, images, videos, vCard, and GPS Locations. Using this service you can upload your videos and it will be automatically sent across to your targeted customers & audience you want to market. Compared to the Sms messages, where you cannot promote your services & products to people who have subscribed for DND, whatsApp marketing can target the entire audience.

WhatsApp marketing, a new revolution in digital marketing campaign, has brought an enormous change in the way people promote their services & products. It’s the smartest and the most popular messaging platform. In today’s digital age, it is more than just a messenger and is now a tool used universally at all business level as an integral part to promote their services & products. Now make your messages more understandable and sufficient with unlimited number of characters. Apart from the normal text messages, Bulk WhatsApp messages can support multiple media files for brand communication.

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One Lac

Pricing (India)

Rs. 40,000/-

Call: 91- 7829003235 | 080- 40954303

WhataApp Messages can be sent outside India as well. For WhatsApp Pricing outside India, kindly contact us

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Standard Package

Premium Package

Price / Unit

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Rs. 8,000/-

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

It’s like Sms Marketing but only a lot better and has more advantages. WhatsApp is an easy way to reach out to potential customers. Now apart from text messages, send images, videos and audios to targeted customers. Lately, WhatsApp has become the primary means of communication for many people because of the great possibility to quickly share text, photos, videos and audio messages. In recent months, several entrepreneurs and business owners have started using WhatsApp to communicate with their customers and suppliers and are getting great results

Managing your Brand
WhatsApp allows small businesses with small budgets to reach out to large amounts of people at once. Establish your brand in a simple yet effective way with this great messaging service.

Providing Customer Service
WhatsApp Marketing not only allows you to pass on your great offers and discounts instantly to your customers, you can also carry out surveys and market research to keep on top of what they really want from you.

A simple way to communicate your Message
Rather than giving out lots of information (that people may not have the time to read), you can send out short sharp and effective images of the product. People tend to understand images instantly compared to any text messages. 

There are lots are options when it comes to using WhatsApp Marketing but if you’re not sure where to start, we are at Shout! TeleTweet MarketiX is happy to lend a hand, do contact us.

If you think bulk Sms marketing is cool, wait till you try out WhatsApp broadcast marketing.
Sms marketing is cool but has its own limitations. You will agree that 160 characters is simply not enough to pass out a message across to prospective clients. WhatsApp broadcasts allow you to send articles and send out messages way beyond 160 text characters. What makes WhatsApp messaging exciting is that you can also broadcast Images, Audio, Video, Vcards.

Our WhatsApp broadcasting solution can allow you advertise your business using plain simple text, an image, sound or video and it can be targeted to lacs of users. Take advantage of this marketing solution and advertise your business today.

In today’s competitive market, it has become crucial for every business owner to employ the most innovative marketing tools and strategies to promote their business. With the use of cutting-edge marketing methods, they will be able to not only endorse their products and services, but also build new business contacts and transform the prospects into potential clients. In the business world, both direct and indirect marketing methods are used by businessmen. However, as per current market scenario, direct marketing methods are widely being used by most of the companies for their business promotion. Direct marketing methods allow a business to communicate directly to their clients with numerous advertising medium. They can connect directly to the customers, promote their products and services, and create healthy business relations with them. One such direct marketing tool of today’s time is WhatsApp.

Enterprise Package


Two Lac

0.22 Paise

Rs. 14,000/-

** Now Send Images With Text For Promotion Thru Bulk WhatsApp **


Basic Package


0.28 Paise

Rs. 22,000/-

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